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If you are planning to export to Russia the following might be useful to you - it explains how you can find qualified Russian buyers for your product in the cheapest and fastest way possible.

As you probably know, whenever goods cross borders a customs declaration must be filled out.

These declarations are extremely detailed - the Russian one is 117 fields - and contains among other things:

- description of the goods including country of origin, manufacturer, weight etc.

- names and addresses of foreign seller, Russian buyer, shippers, agents etc.

- and perhaps most important - invoice prices and terms of trade.

Here are some random examples:

Comtois International Exports (Canada) to Rosagroleasing: cattle for breading, $523 640

Rosderra Irish Meats to Concern Paulkovsky: frozen boneless pork, $143 381

Drasberg (UK) to Inter Torg: potatos, $41 580

Coopar S.A. (Uruguay) to Agro Alliance: rice, $160 528

Dow Europe to Nisko Plastik: LDPE, $110 494

Brinky Bouw to Severnaya Poultry: poultry housing ventilation system, $803 294

All in all some 15.5 million declarations were filed with the Russian customs in 2011 for all kinds of products imaginable.

If you are planning to sell to Russia, companies already importing products similar or complimentary to yours are obviously your best prospects.

What I can offer you is selecting from this customs database current active importers of a product you are interested in.

You can then market to them directly.

Or if you prefere, I can organize the marketing for you:

- compile the list
- put together and mail a package with an introductory letter and promotional material from your company addressed to the appropriate decision maker
- organize follow up calls to get a feeling

of their reaction and discuss whatever questions they may have
- if required organize your visit for face to face negotiations.

If that sounds reasonable to you contact me